Xinjiang multi support help residents to achieve entrepreneurial dream

this year, Xinjiang has introduced policies to promote employment in the region to carry out the work by encouraging entrepreneurship to reduce unemployment. Multiple "combined" joint initiative to entrepreneurs "timely assistance", through the business difficulties.

2015, one of the people of Xinjiang entrepreneurship, employment dream come true, inseparable from a series of policies to promote and vigorously support. Xinjiang issued a new round of employment policy, in promoting the enterprise employment, the transfer of rural surplus labor employment, the employment of college graduates, self employment and strengthen the occupation training, the introduction of the 8 aspects of 25 policy measures, extend and improve the existing policies, the basic formation of full coverage of employment employment policy system, and vigorously promote the public business, the employment, stimulate innovation and vitality of the whole society and create potential.

boost employment skills training

Cooking Baking cakes and other items, handmade embroidery skills training, set up a "bridge jobs for everyone".

"at the beginning of the year, the community do the cooking pastry baking class, I quickly signed up, after 3 months of study, cooking, braised chicken, pilaf, pastry I will do. After the training, the lack of community canteen, I went to the community canteen when the cook. Now nearly 7 months, the monthly payment of social security costs, but also get a salary of $2300." In December 28th, 47 year old Pingdingshan Urumqi community residents to buy wheat Zilai wood · said.

3 24 July, Kuche County, in 2015 the first batch of labor export farewell ceremony held in the town in the village of uzun, villagers enthusiasm for 30 migrant girls off. The girls were dressed in sportswear released by the town government and joined the crowd of happy dancing. After graduating from junior high school, high school, after Kuche County Bureau of human resources and social unity training, to Akesu crown Xin Textile co..

policy awesome let them round the entrepreneurial dream

"in August this year, I am going to expand the clothing store business, but the cash flow difficulties, I think of to apply for small loans to the government in November to get the money." In December 9th, the clothing business in Urumqi south peace Aida Tula · Maimaiti told reporters.


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