Teach you how to set up their own procurement model

are aware of every business shop has a complete industrial chain behind, collection, production, packaging, logistics, sales of a complete process of coordinated operation is the key point of a proper operation of the store. Take drinks shop procurement, how to establish a reasonable procurement model of the shop?.

1. establish a strict raw material procurement system

does not have a strict raw material procurement system, it can not effectively control the beverage shop. Depending on the size of the shop, the procurement function is not exactly the same.

large chain stores specializing in all products and raw materials procurement staff, some small and medium sized beverage shop directly by the person responsible for the procurement, and responsible for purchasing or procurement procedures, this is not the same, simplified procurement system will have a difference. But one thing should be clear that the post should be clear, the responsibility to be clear, according to the procurement of quality standards, quantity standards, price standards to carry out procurement work.

2. determine reasonable purchase price

raw material procurement personnel to ensure that the quality of raw materials in line with the procurement specifications, the lowest price. The establishment of the standard cost system to control the cost of the beverage store can start from the standard cost of the purchase price control, which requires basic procurement staff fully evaluate suppliers offer live and raw material yield, and then determine the purchase price is reasonable.

3. strictly control the purchasing quality

beverage shop must be good quality of raw materials, to ensure that the procurement of raw materials, no quality problems, procurement personnel should be based on actual requirements, develop a variety of procurement standards.

Prepare purchasing specification

procurement quality control can be prepared procurement specifications specifications. Specification is based on the needs of the beverage shop, the procurement of various raw materials to make detailed and specific provisions, the main contents are: raw material origin, grade, size, color, packaging requirements, etc..

select reliable supplier

procurement staff in the procurement, should choose a reliable supplier, go see more, and in the delivery of good quality.

4. strictly control the purchasing quantity

procurement quantity control requirements

procurement quantity control requirements can not only ensure that the beverage shop daily operations, supply needs, should not cause inventory backlog, occupation of funds, increase management fees.

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