Once in a lifetime the idea to let the wedding market profiteering

young people now, the enthusiasm for wedding photography is quite high. Reporters learned in the investigation, wedding photography is from 1992 began to appear in the mainland, 94 years began to appear a large number of wedding photography shop. In a short span of 20 years, a luxury has become a necessity for marriage. "Once in a lifetime," the idea to let the wedding market profiteering.

] [the status of the industry with the rapid growth of Chinese economy, the continuous improvement of living standards, wedding photography is getting more and more attention and enthusiasm in the majority of young people. There are about 10 million couples married China each year, only the town at the wedding consumption reached 418 billion 300 million yuan RMB, the wedding photography in the whole wedding expenditure ratio is about 15%.

[] profits analysis: 567 yuan

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