Shop with the county exceeded 50 thousand trading volume of more than 10 billion yuan

electricity supplier is not only the development of popular in the vast urban areas, the majority of rural areas in the development of the full swing. With the county as a rural Fujian, electricity providers have been rapid development. Reporters from the recently held in Fujian Province agricultural e-commerce exchange seminar was informed that Fujian agricultural information work gratifying progress. Last year, registered in the rural areas of Fujian (including counties) shop break 50 thousand, ranked the country’s total turnover of more than 10 billion yuan in.

at present, not only the Alibaba, Jingdong, Suning and other well-known electricity supplier in Fujian, the construction of rural e-commerce network, agricultural e-commerce platform in local Fujian also developed rapidly, such as the large group construction of "all for the food business platform and. In 2015, the province’s e-commerce transactions amounted to 711 billion 600 million yuan, more than 40% growth for 3 consecutive years.

Fujian County e-commerce development index ranks third in the country, the comprehensive index of information in the country’s top sixth, the Internet penetration rate ranked the country’s fourth. Fujian agricultural products (000061, stock it) on the Ali platform sales ranked the country’s total, Anxi, Wuyishan, Gutian County, the county’s agricultural electricity supplier to enter the country’s top twelve sales of electricity supplier. Quanzhou, Xiamen, the country’s agricultural electricity supplier sales of ten cities.

electricity supplier so popular today, many people have chosen to start the business electricity supplier, but because there is no deal with the team, many people are also facing a situation of failure. In this small series have to remind the majority of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship is a risky business, entrepreneurs need to be cautious, choose a strong brand can effectively reduce business risk, the probability of success is greater. What projects to choose the better? If you have questions, more information in the whole network to join, welcome your consultation, message.

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