What brand of marble brick to buy these brands are worthy of trust

home improvement industry in recent years is very hot, good decoration materials can make home environment more comfortable. Recently, a lot of friends are asking, what brand of marble brick? For this problem, we recommend a few trusted brands for today, interested friends can look at.

1, Jane (  marble tile influence brand, pioneer, marble tile category of building sanitary ceramics industry well-known brands, Foshan Gani Ceramics Co.,  


2, Annwa ceramic tile ( ); the leading brand of marble tiles, the famous brand of ceramic sanitary ware industry, large modern comprehensive scientific and technological enterprise, Foshan Gaoming Annwa Ceramic Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd.  

3, Marco Polo ( ), founded in 1996, was awarded China famous brand, Guangdong famous brand, antique brick ten brands, the most valuable brand of the top 500, Guangdong Ceramics Co., Ltd.  ,;)

4, Oushennuo (  founded in 1998, focused on high-tech enterprises, the State Torch Program in Guangdong province famous trademarks, brand-name products in Guangdong Province, Foshan Oushennuo ceramic Limited by Share Ltd  


5, Hongyu (  Guangdong province famous brand, Guangdong famous brand, Guangdong province high tech enterprise, China environmental label products, ceramic ten brands, Guangdong Hongyu Ceramics Co., Ltd.  )

6, Monalisa (  in 1998, won the China famous brand, Guangdong famous brand, Guangdong famous brand, national key high-tech enterprise, Guangdong Ceramics Co., Ltd.  

7, newzhongyuan (  won the Chinese brand cooperation China aerospace business partners, a large modern building ceramic tile production enterprises, ten brands, Guangdong xinzhongyuan Ceramics Co.,  


8, Guanzhu (  was founded in 1992, was awarded the China famous brand, Guangdong famous trademark, Chinese 500 most valuable brands, ten brands of tiles, newpearl Ceramics Group Co.,  


for "marble tiles buy what brand is good." this problem, you have the answer now? Look at the above introduction, you now know what brand of marble brick to buy it? It should be noted that the use of high-grade natural marble, and the choice of low-grade tiles, we can according to their own needs to buy.


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