How to develop cultural industry in Xiamen

cultural industry in life, involving a very wide range of. According to the characteristics of the region, to give full play to their own advantages, the development of cultural industries, not only conducive to further promote the local culture, but also effectively promote the development of the economy.

Xiamen is the art of calligraphy and painting, cultural and creative as the foundation, vigorously develop the cultural industry, from April onwards, we open up "for series of reports of Xiamen art district", continuous depth visited Xiamen major art area, sort out the most intensive and most of life, the range of International Art District, from a the reflection of the development of Xiamen cultural industry in recent years.

at present, as the Xiamen culture brand construction Benchmarking Project under construction in Hester Art Center is all about the future, Hester, art center will become a Xiamen and Haixi important cultural name card, to promote the leapfrog development of cultural industry. In the last article of this series, we focus on the Xiamen antique art market.


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unique port trade advantages, convenient transportation, the more than and 130 square kilometers of the island of Xiamen district two, gathered more than 2 thousand antiques business, a large number of buyers and the size of the auction will also have to pay attention to Xiamen.

2009 years ago, Xiamen’s largest antique market non Bailuzhou antique, antique city after the relocation, the size of businesses have moved to other places, Xiamen antique city gradually increased, up to nine. This time we visited the Xiamen Antique City, Yuxin antique, Tang Song Antique City, Wanshou antique, antique city, east margin between Fujian and Taiwan and the Xia Shang Zhou Antique City Antique, different positioning, different style, mode of operation and status are not the same, basically represents the Xiamen antique market.

has several antique shops are open after Miss Lee told reporters, she is currently located in Xiamen Antique City, built and put into use soon, the hardware condition is good, but less traffic, management has also made a lot of efforts, such as the flea market, night market and regularly all kinds of exhibitions, seminars and other activities, but thriving still need time.

Tang Song Antique City Antique play overseas, which is known as the high porcelain and miscellaneous business groups, overall stability, high grade. The owners of this Internet plus two years to seize this new platform, to create a professional handheld auction and sales platform. There is a saying, Xiamen antique market is nearly saturated, in this regard, Tang Song Antique City responsible person Mr. Chen do not worry, from the positioning point of view, Tang Song merchants throughout the country for the antique business elites are optimistic about the Xiamen market, so the market potential is great.


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