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delicious food of high quality ingredients as a support, the meal without rice reminder, this is certainly tell us the importance of material. All the time, ha, Bai cuisine and cuisine with high quality ingredients and creative characteristics of well-known delicacy, especially rich taste all kinds of delicacy is by many patrons of all ages. Ha, it launched a new variety of cuisine creative cuisine, including Norway with sushi, salmon seed sashimi, in the summer to send you to a cool.

Kazakhstan, food brand


hand sushi

ha, Bai for sushi dishes, is not any styling tool, only hand style sushi. We usually see on TV the Sushi Master hands in the stick ah catch into a long small block then put rice and vegetable roll, sashimi or egg slices or roe sauce and so on, one in front of you, those who eat soy sauce is sticky. Sushi is the most typical form. As one of the trend of sushi delicacy, the main material is to maintain the body temperature in the rice block with sushi vinegar flavor, plus fish, seafood, vegetables or egg as ingredients, its delicious taste, very popular with the masses. There are many types of sushi, but also a wide range of choice of raw materials. The main raw material used for sushi sushi rice and rice, characterized by white color, rounded particles, with its cook the rice is not only good elasticity, chewing head, and with a greater viscosity. Sushi fillings are rich and colorful, and best embodies the characteristics of sushi. Filling of the raw materials used in fish, crab, shellfish, freshwater fish, Fried Eggs and seasonal fresh vegetables such as cucumber, lettuce, letinous edodes, etc..


seeds sashimi

Kazakhstan, Bai cuisine salmon seed sashimi whether visual, taste is a great enjoyment. Salmon seed is a very high nutritional value of food. Caviar contains large amounts of protein, vitamins A, B, D and a variety of minerals, more than any other fish such as sardines, saury etc.. Also known as fish slice, sashimi sashimi, raw fish, raw fish and shellfish is fresh sliced, dipped in sauce to eat food.

Kazakhstan, Bai cuisine with beautiful shape, fresh ingredients, tender and delicious taste and irritating spices, strongly attracted people’s attention. In recent years, with the increase in exchanges the catering industry international, the world of delicious things can find at home, you love cooking friends to enjoy food, ha.

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