The analysis of the specific situation of the school laundry

campus laundry project worthy of attention, although the service group is limited, but the business opportunities are unlimited. If you want to open a laundry in the campus, then you should pay attention to what investment problems? If you do not have experience, but also should pay more attention to the relevant information, I hope the following analysis to help you.

campus wash the laundry items there are three main categories:

1, underwear, underwear, shirts and other clothing;

2, bed sheets, blankets, curtains and other bulky items;

3, suits and other dry cleaning needs of high-end clothing. The washing condition of the region often, especially in the winter, the water temperature is very low, washing clothes is a chore, self-service laundry at low cost to attract customers at the same time this part, dry cleaning costs than laundry outside is much lower.

Analysis of

1, used mechanical automatic washing machine 10, each 300 yuan, a total of 3000 yuan;

2, the use of large capacity drum washing machine a 1500 yuan;

3, second-hand dry cleaning equipment a set of 4000 yuan;

4, an iron and ironing board a total of 500 yuan;

5, rent 500 yuan. The total investment is not more than 10 thousand yuan.

Analysis of benefit:

each washing machine use 5 hours a day, every half hour fee is 1.5 yuan, 0.3 yuan to remove electricity and water, each washing machine every day to earn 12 yuan, each cleaning a suit charge 4 to 8 yuan, less than half the dry cleaning shop outside, wash every day 5, probably to be made add up to 20 yuan, every day can earn 150 yuan, excluding rent and other expenses, every day can also earn 100 yuan. Coupled with the sale of washing powder, laundry detergent, fabric softener, detergent profits, revenue is considerable. For customers, to spend 1.5 yuan to wash more than a dozen pieces of clothing is also very cheap. No time to wash clothes for their customers, may be subject to certain fees, by the operator help wash well ironed.

campus laundry is a good investment prospects, as long as the operation of the road to find suitable to meet the market demand of campus shop, so we can easily create rich good business opportunities, the above analysis to help you? Learn quickly, do more secure investment opportunities.

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