What should be done to open a shop

we all love beautiful things, flowers can be said to be very good things, I believe many people love flowers, especially by women’s favorite, on Valentine’s day, teacher’s day, mother’s day, the flower shop business is very good. Shop all the year round have earned. Open a flower shop, the investment cost is very small, the total investment in general million yuan, the main investment in rent, decoration, flowers and gift wrapping paper, card.

location: the first flowering shop to pay attention to what? It is best to choose a place where there is a large flow of traffic or a concentration of young people, such as hospitals, universities, shopping centers or residential areas.

: the general area of a few square meters can rent lots vary, the most expensive gate, generally rent in more than 1000 yuan, and Simon residential area is relatively cheap, generally around 800 yuan.

input: the first flowering shop to pay attention to what? Remove the rent, decoration, the first to buy flowers, wrapping paper and other 3000 yuan, after the purchase of the daily cost of a few hundred dollars.

: we must remember the principle of decoration decoration "rich multicolored decorations", the method is very simple, in the shop on the wall with the mirror reflection function (generally 500 yuan), such a flower became two flowers, a bouquet of flowers will become two flowers, plus the pink light embellishment, can play a very good effect.

: varieties of azalea, lily, orchid, pineapple etc. but not the more the better, too busy to attend to all, to pay attention to fashion and season, especially on holidays, in addition to flowers and green plants, can operate a small jewelry, dried flowers, flower fruit basket "combination products".

believe that after reading the description of small series, we all know how to shop, how to open a flower shop? To sum up, we should pay more attention to the point of view, only the planning of all aspects of it, in order to make the florist business better. Flower shop owner, to maintain good care of flowers, watering on time to prevent the flowers wither, reduce unnecessary losses.

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