Foreign trade clothing store control operating costs of two or three things

whether it is food or clothing, if it is hard to attract the attention of consumers. Out of the ordinary design of foreign trade clothing, more eye-catching, and open the foreign trade clothing store, want safe operation, good cost budget is essential.

now the apparel industry foreign trade development prospects are very broad. Operating a foreign trade clothing chain can have good development. Now the foreign trade apparel industry is also very competitive market environment.

in the open foreign trade clothing stores, how to arrange the store management, but also a lot of foreign trade clothing store owner urgently need to solve the problem. Xiao Bian on this issue, to explain the cost of foreign trade clothing chain stores and staff management issues.


if the owner found foreign trade clothing chain store employees mostly towards "attributes passivity" partial travel time, this system can reach the standard homeopathic launched, difficult to impose incentives, not reached to a light punishment. Can receive better benefits and mathias.

the goods more than three do not suffer, not to mention the operator itself should not blindly in the shop, but I do not know the outside pack already, want to bite in perichaetine look at fiercely as a tiger does the environment, derivative. "Home management" is the current prevailing mode of operation, the use of this method for general merchandise stores, department stores or related businesses, will discount goods, special offer the suitable amount of misappropriation in the store, can reduce the cost of natural.

to set up a successful foreign trade clothing store, we must refer to the above content and business, more details to you slowly accumulate experience in business, learn how to solve problems, to overcome the difficulties of entrepreneurship, believe that success is not far away from you!


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