Female college student Wei Siyuan entrepreneurial success life pot of gold

is now a lot of college students after graduation would not choose to go to the company to work, when a good little clerk, but his own business, find a good project to start their own business is indeed a good idea, but not every college students can be successful, the female college students about to have success today. Let’s see how she do.

talked about his "primitive accumulation", Wei Siyuan recalled: "at that time, I was still a high school in the country, mainly to learn Chinese painting, only 10 yuan a week living expenses." As a result of family poverty, Wei Siyuan in order to continue to study, in the school cafeteria to do health, spare time in the school to do some tutoring for children. High school three years, every year in addition to living expenses, but also save up to $6 thousand."

in order to get a better learning opportunity, Wei Siyuan came to Tianjin by the end of 2002, spent 800 yuan reported an art class to learn professional courses, the purpose is to be admitted to the university. "Learning Chinese painting requires a large number of pigments, brushes and paper, these things are very expensive, I secretly picked up the students painted paper, with the back exercise." Wei Siyuan said that after the end of the college entrance examination, she was enrolled in Qingdao, Beijing and three places in Tianjin, the four colleges and universities, but the newspaper is not a professional painting, but clothing design. "Art student tuition is very high, my family can’t afford it, so the choice of clothing design relatively easy to find work, I was the first undergraduate female students in our village."

The establishment of

Eagle Business Alliance

freshman winter vacation, in order to save money, Wei Siyuan did not go home for the new year, but chose to stay in Tianjin, a restaurant in the food street to find a waiter’s job, a monthly salary of 500 yuan. Wei Siyuan to school, the boss tried to retain her: "small Wei, I quite appreciate you, you can take some of the poor college students come to work, every winter and summer vacation, I have to."

is such a sentence inspired Wei Siyuan. Subsequently, Wei Siyuan on the use of spare time to find suitable job opportunities, and ultimately there are 6 restaurants agreed to her request, a total of a total of 120 waiters. To the freshman summer vacation, Wei Siyuan posted in the school free of charge for poor college students to arrange part-time jobs posters, did not expect to attract more than and 240 people to sign up, the final 90 people said they can accept the job. After sophomore year, the 90 students take the initiative to find Wei Siyuan, each handed her $30, and said: "Wei Jie, you help us find a job, this is what you deserve."

get this more than two thousand yuan, Wei Siyuan moved his head, you can take this opportunity to set up a student association, specifically to help these poor students to find a job." Then, the Eagle Business Alliance was founded, with the activities of the Department, planning department, propaganda department and other 6 departments, members also expanded to more than and 500 people.

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