Store management process can not be lucky

shops are now very focused on customer service, if there is still a fluke in the course of business, but also how to obtain the trust of customers, do a good job shop business? So, if it is the store business, if you want to make the business of the shop can get hot development, we must not be able to exist luck. Inadvertently, a fragrant elegant QQ group sent 3 minutes telephone message time seckill. I quickly opened the site began to participate in spike, a long time did not participate in spike activity, and occasionally think of the spike when the time is not the time to pass with their own, that is, during the spike with other things.

today I see no one outside, secretly proud, must take this long and very involved in awesome activities, because last year played a few times, but also a second to a few hundred yuan telephone fee. No matter whether there is luck today to participate in seckill also just as well. What to worry about what, and last minute, seckill began, only 50 meters away from our home fruit shop boy, panting: "boss, hurry to my bag on Yellow Crane Tower smoke".

Before the final

package on the road to Yellow Crane Tower just next door neighbor bought the morning at home to forget to take the tobacco warehouse, would like to take the bag of other smoke instead of what, before I say, the boy seemed to understand my mind said: "can not find the smoke ah, then buy a pack of Nanjing purple one product". Think of the time seckill is coming, if I take a bag of Nanjing purple goods to the customer, so I’ll catch up with the time in seckill, but just a moment of thought, or business, I said to the boy: "please wait a moment, I make a phone call, let me take the goods in the warehouse. Sent".

soon, dad will be sent on Yellow Crane Tower smoke, when customers get their best on the smoke, happy when I left the store, such as negative release back to the computer side, gently press the keyboard, "I’m sorry, someone beat you step". Although the spike did not catch up, but see the customer to buy their own satisfaction with cigarettes. My heart feels so easy. At this point, I just feel that their choice is rational, is the right move.

now on the street such as we also is a shop next to a home, we want to do better than others, you have to let us enter the store’s customers can buy consumer satisfaction, Xinyi, ideal products, so the next encounter when the consumer, the customer will first think of time to visit our the shop again. Online games, and other activities have always seckill, participation is only to pass the time, doing business at the store is our business, because when we are obsessed with computer games and lost business we acquire a thing easily, it will be too late for regrets.

if the store owner is lucky, the customer is not always satisfied

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