Analysis of the industry in 2016

a lot of people want to invest in business in 2016, so the industry is now more concerned about the moment. If you are going to do business, it is better to focus on making money in 2016 industry analysis, so it is easier to find a good project. The following is the analysis of the industry in 2016 to make money, hurry up and get a look at it.

now ten thousand yuan can also make investment Oh, then analysis of the 2016 profitable industry: This is to tell the ten thousand yuan for investment, which you can have ten thousand yuan investment project selection


2016 money making industry analysis: Children’s education center

Zaiqiong not poor education, parental investment in children that are notoriously willing, willing to be willing to give to you. As the saying goes, can not let the children lose at the starting line. Plus the parents work pressure and the rhythm of life cannot be forced to take care of the children all day, so to say ten thousand yuan how entrepreneurship, the center for children’s education can not say that this piece of the market demand, less competition, is worth the investment project! Rent a few classrooms, hire a few nurses have the basic conditions. Of course, the small business does not mean that there is no, not to mention the development of children, so it is better to place small, facilities and caregivers can not be careless.

2016 money making industry analysis: personality digital impression square

a personality (1 to 50 thousand impression Fang investment) (annual income of more than 50 thousand), for young people, white-collar workers, students, sent out of the ordinary gift can not only represent the mind, but also has the collection value. A selection of your love patterns or pictures, stamping method, which shows on their own clothes, mugs, T-Shirts, key chains, earrings and other items, this kind of innovation and individuality, will bring you the temptation is a unique fashion charm.

2016 profitable industry analysis: " green table " food distribution center

center can be divided into city, rural, urban and rural women by cooperative operation. The Department is responsible for planting, breeding, cleaning, packaging, seasonal, seasonal, green pollution-free vegetables, chicken, duck, fish, special poultry, livestock; City Department is responsible for receiving orders, delivery, as well as the need to provide cooking family, washing dishes and other services. The project fully integrates the two resources of urban and rural women, less investment, less risk, broad market prospects, suitable for the development of small and medium-sized cities female entrepreneurship.

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