KEA restaurant business innovation entrepreneurs can fun Muji Cafe

as everyone knows, Muji’s popularity is very high, most entrepreneurs are Muji to join what interest, with the improvement of living standards, more and more people to invest in Muji and IKEA restaurant with the intention of thinking thinking, business investment is not fun, no restaurant, India good coffee.

"work" MUJI


is named Café but from the menu, sorting, Chinese tea priority to row in the coffee before — West Lake Longjing Tea, Anxi Tieguanyin Tea, Phoenix Dancong five. Take the lead in coffee is four hands. Shop area less than 200 square meters, there are 52 seats. Previously, Café MUJI has 8 stores in Japan, and the Shanghai Joy City store is Muji for the first time the coffee shop open in outside of japan.

actually from the beginning of 2015, Muji in China to increase the intensity of the development of new formats. In addition to the original form of the existence of the main store grocery store, MUJI also opened the main baking MUJI Bakery, bookstore business to do MUJI BOOKS, as well as the main restaurant Café & Meal MUJI. Most of these stores are located in Shanghai, Hongkong and MUJI’s new battlefield in Chengdu. The world’s first theme hotel will be opened in 2017 MUJI Hotel, located in Beijing rather than japan.

in the experience of the world’s only MUJI Hotel, you can first in China’s first Café MUJI cup of Chinese tea. It opened in China with two stores Café & Meal MUJI difference is that the former main tea, coffee and dessert, which is the main Japanese Japanese meal.

MUJI diehard powder? Don’t make fun of

"coffee shop? You mean Café & Meal? When I opened the restaurant last year, I ate a lot of people. The food was delicious." Although not loyal to death, but this year’s 25 year old stone should be a microcosm of Muji typical user: young, returnees, focus on quality of life, a good income in Shanghai.

referred to the newly opened MUJI coffee shop, said the small stone did not hear, do not intend to go. Whether you admit it or not, first-tier cities young consumers less as a brand "have a fever" to pay for the blind.


MUJI brand itself is not "born with a fever": Muji

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