From 3 yuan to the extraordinary entrepreneurial experience 3 million three

we couldn’t ask for things in the future can Everything is going smoothly., but all we can do is solid each step, as the saying goes: Every cloud has a silver lining., it is not without reason.


wife face delivery, in order to go, Xu Dingguo persuaded his wife back to Hunan home production. Separately, he apologized to his wife to make a good faith guarantee: six months later, he met in Xiamen with a new attitude to their mother and child. When working in Shanghai, he met and fell in love with his wife Zhao, together through the groundless talk. Zhao nodded tearfully, he understood him, believe him.

but 80 thousand yuan gold agent has become a lie in front of Yiguo mountain Xu never crossed, he had to move for 35 thousand. Pull down the face respectively for the more than and 20 classmates, friends, raised 60 thousand yuan, the remaining 20 thousand yuan, in a freight loaned out to fellow.

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