How to do a good job selling high grade cigarettes

cigarettes according to the price and quality of the different, will be divided into high-grade and low-grade. In the whole cigarette business big market, high-grade cigarettes will undoubtedly greater profits, naturally more attention by operators. In fact, the high end of the high margin of cigarettes, profits, to enhance the profitability of retail customers, increase sales revenue has a great role in promoting. From the current market situation, high-grade cigarette sales are mainly concentrated in the city and some of the "three place", the high-grade cigarette sales are relatively stable, considerable gains, so the majority of city retail customers.

and with the increasing living standards of the people, the purchasing power of the society is also increasing, which provides a better opportunity for the majority of urban retail customers to sell high-grade cigarettes. So in the current market conditions and the environment, how to do retail sales of high-grade cigarettes? The author thinks that we should start from three aspects.

one is to seize the target groups, and constantly tap the potential consumption.

As we all know,

is the preferred target of high level consumer groups. Due to the relatively high price of high-grade cigarettes, so this part of the consumer groups is relatively stable and limited. Therefore, in the sales process, retail customers must be careful to do a good job of the surrounding market analysis and demand forecast, from which to determine the focus of the target market and target groups. The key to seize the perimeter of the party and government organs, enterprises, hotels, restaurants, entertainment and other business customers a considerable scale of high-grade cigarette consumption demand, high-grade famous cigarette brands actively organize marketable delivery, to maximize the potential of consumption, promote sales.

two is to do a good job sourcing organizations to ensure adequate supply of goods.

due to a limited number of consumer groups, and individual consumer demand scale is limited, so the supply of high-grade cigarette tissue must be according to local conditions, scientific and reasonable, so as not to cause the backlog of high-grade cigarette due to pile up in excess of requirement. In this regard, retail customers according to the customer’s own economic situation and regional consumption rose, according to sales, inventory number and high-grade cigarette tobacco sector supply situation, develop a scientific and effective purchase plan, to ensure adequate supply of goods.

three is to provide quality services to promote sales maximization.

most of the high demand group is a high level of living groups, due to some differences in living habits, some of these groups on the quality of service requirements are relatively high. Therefore, retail customers in the high-grade cigarette business must ensure the quality of products, to win customer trust by the quality of the products, really allow customers to buy the rest assured; secondly, to combine their own reality, and actively provide individualized service for the customer, make the greatest efforts to meet customer needs and practical quality services to ensure that customers comfortable consumption. It can be said, do a good job of services, especially the use of

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