A good name is to consider

if you take a name, how would you do? Although there are now many people are aware of the importance of a name, in this respect also want to invest more energy. However, a name not as simple as imagined, if just a name up greatly disappoint a series of efforts done before, because the name is often not taken out explain away attractive customers away is bad. With the same name names to go through several rounds of thinking, now tell you take its strategy, easily take a good name.

first name should suggest attribute shop products, but to grasp the degree, not too much to describe the product and use, otherwise more detailed description, then more difficult to extend relevant products business, expansion of business is very bad after. For example, you want to open a computer store, then you may also by the operation of digital production, so the name is best broad, such as "XX electronics company" what can.

Secondly, simple and easy to remember the name to

. The name of the surface meaning simple simple, but left to the customer imagination space, and easy to remember, easy to mouth, more efficient recognition function and communication function. Many famous retail chains are very simple because everyone knows the name, such as McDonald’s, KFC, and other rural groups, alas.

new name more attractive. Especially young people love fashion, love new things, new and unique name to them has very strong appeal. Typically, interested in new things people see in the new name, even if not to buy things, is also very likely to look into the store. But in the creation of unique names. Don’t do, first consider the feasibility in the use of materials to.

a newspaper has reported Huizhou "traitor tea". The tea boss because of long and thin, hair and was often Shucheng fractional village known as "traitors", so he suddenly took his nickname for his tea name, the result has hurt the national feelings of the people, the outrage committed.

strong opposition from local people, the business management department removed the "traitor" signs. When I saw this story, I thought it was very funny. How can I have such a lack of common sense? Although Lee’s own jokes take names is a good idea, but the "traitor" is really too ridiculous, make public humiliation is anathema to modern China feelings for traitors, tea boss ignored this point, the results hit a wall.

What is

most of the time the story behind the name itself will allow customers to produce a variety of emotions, these emotions are important reasons why they buy. "The stars and her third mother supermarket" is a case.

"the stars and her third mothers"

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