How to build a famous city in Zhengzhou

in the global economy continues to strengthen the trend, Hangzhou ushered in its own G20 summit in Hangzhou. Zhengzhou in the face of the rapid development of Hangzhou, hoping to find inspiration from the development, further promote their own development. In shape, three Wu will, since ancient times, the bustling Hangzhou ushered in the G20 summit. In this world event in Hangzhou will be "innovative, dynamic and inclusive linkage," G20 summit theme throughout the city construction, in the international arena fully demonstrated its strength, but also gives us profound enlightenment.

exhibition economy behind the city’s comprehensive strength of the contest. The next 5 years, Zhengzhou to build a National Regional Convention and Exhibition Center City and International Exhibition City, how to draw on the wisdom of Hangzhou force? Reporters launched a two field visits.

innovation, the word has been frequently mentioned in recent years

literally, and a new, with the creation of the world and the future. Has always been known as refined and cultured in Hangzhou, in recent years, is a step by step to share innovation brought dividends.

[Hangzhou] wisdom when the domestic many scenic spots on the ticket revenue to promote tourism consumption in Hangzhou, and said: "our West Lake scenic free play". It seems that West Lake free Hangzhou financial losses. In fact, small abacus also behind the large accounts. Hangzhou Tourism Commission official said, each tourist stay in Hangzhou more than 24 hours, Hangzhou’s annual tourism revenue will increase by $10 billion. More people are willing to come to West Lake free of charge to Hangzhou, tourists stay longer to promote the service industry in Hangzhou, creating a large number of jobs and economic benefits for Hangzhou.

when the city’s public transport vehicles are four wheels, Hangzhou said in an atmosphere: "our public bike ride free". When it comes to West Lake, in addition to the free tickets for free public bicycle Jinjin music outside, and across West Lake, let you praise, completely solve the "problem of travel the last mile". Today, the number of public bicycles in Hangzhou has reached 84000, is just in 2008 when the promotion of the times of 30.

when the pedestrian in heavy traffic in Hangzhou through careful, domineering said: "our love will give the driver a zebra crossing". 2007, Hangzhou city bus began to take the lead in the demonstration pedestrian first, eventually spread to all motor vehicles. "Crossing the street in Hangzhou, I really have a little overwhelmed by an unexpected favour." Some tourists even said that such a warm scene can only be seen in Hangzhou, which is the most beautiful city civilization.

[Zhengzhou] force 2017 eleventh Chinese International Garden Expo will be held at the Zhengzhou airport economic comprehensive experimentation area, Garden Expo exhibition will become permanent recommended

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