How to retain customers in clothing business

no customers, even if you store decoration and luxury, the product is good, the prices are low, may not be able to attract consumers, can not let you shop business is booming, profit growth, so only retain customers, to ensure the normal conduct of business.

in the service industry, there is a classic saying, "the customer is god". It is clear that for the flow of clothing stores are the same classic, no customers, there is no business, no business means that survive. And the clothing industry is very competitive, if there is no stable old customers, clothing store management will become a problem.

true security clothing quality

truth warm service proposal

clothing shopping guide to customer suggestions, must stand in the customer’s point of view for his sake, according to the actual needs of customers, to help customers solve his problems, it will win the customer’s true heart. And not for the sake of the immediate interests to deceive customers, damage their interests, it will be lost for a long time, and will lose his friends and relatives around.

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