How to open a Pu’er Tea tea culture

said that although the businessman will inevitably have some "money", however, different products contain different cultures, and the cultural background is different, attractive for consumers will naturally not the same. Chinese tea culture has a long history, tea culture has many years of history, with the improvement of living standards, tea sales are showing a trend of rising year by year. For the tea culture connotation of high commodities, if combined with culture to operate, can attract more people wandering eyes.

Fang Shuya Pu’er Tea tea opened near her home, because the decoration very simple, with the surrounding modern buildings are very dissonant, so they naturally entered people’s field of vision. Most people are carrying curiosity into her tea, buy tea did not mind, but very interested in all kinds of plain with luxury packaging. Ask the guest to tea is tea will do, not what special, but, in the antique tea, beautiful female boss and exquisite tea, have to say is a beautiful scenery line.

makes a lot of people did not think that the boss immediately began to talk about the sequence of events, Pu’er Tea Pu’er Tea’s, which makes people began to feel that she is different, each product is selling merchant duty, spread commodity culture, but not every businessmen have the patience to do, especially the contents of some the depth of his to understand that I am afraid to take some twists and turns, not to mention to spread. The operation of the road, for such a high tea culture connotation of commodities, is "matching".

Fang Shuya is from a consumer into an operator. She was working in Yunnan began to crush the Pu’er tea, the first time to drink tea, she knew he was looking for tea. After returning to Xinjiang, she told herself to do a job that she liked, she chose to run Pu’er tea. This kind of food for her women, a tea business, not only to make money so simple, every day dealing with their love of the Pu’er Tea, selling tea, tea culture spread, and then to the friends of tea, this is a very meaningful thing. Her tea did not sell that price Pu’er Tea, similarly, her tea because there is no crash Pu’er Tea price and cheap sale, has been maintained at a very steady state.

open the tea, Fang Shu Yake not less time-consuming, in order to better reflect the Pu’er Tea culture, she devoted two tea to Yunnan to learn the knowledge of Pu’er Tea. In the packaging of tea, she is also carefully selected, so that each piece of Pu’er tea looks like a piece of Arts and crafts. Her tea and many printed booklet, devoted to the Pu’er Tea tea culture.


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