Dangdang CEO Li Guoqing’s successful experience

dangdang.com is one of the largest artillery gun Internet marketing, and Taobao is not in, Dangdang CEO Li Guoqing in 1999, Li Guoqing and his wife Yu Yu in the creation of Dangdang, let’s take a look at how he get today’s achievements.

won the first gold business

1989, business. In the years of entrepreneurial journey, Li Guoqing with many sea intellectuals, has experienced nothing, fought hard times, finally, he brought his eyes locked in book publishing field.

1993, Li Guoqing, Peking University, Academy of Social Sciences, the Ministry of agriculture and other units of the establishment of the Beijing economic and Trade Co., ltd.. This makes him on all aspects of the domestic book industry has a considerable understanding and won the first gold at the beginning of the.

but this time Li Guoqing also experienced a difficult journey, he has a strong energy and creativity, but always feel that they are not on a road, what is the future, the way of the future, he said he was very confused". Years of doing business did not bring him what he expected.

Dangdang origin

1996, Li Guoqing met Yu Yu in the United States, while Li Guoqing is a look at the kind of very energetic people, two people fall in love, three months after the lightning marriage, second years Yu Yu and Li Guoqing returned home, fuchangfusui.

Yu Yuxian was in the company of Li Guoqing’s culture for a period of time, in November 1999, the husband and wife created Dangdang website. Yu Yu said she tried in the United States in the largest online bookstore Amazon shopping, online shopping convenience impressed. Coupled with Li Guoqing is a person who likes the convenience of people, so they decided that this must be a big market.

created Dangdang

1999 November, Dangdang formally launched operations. Just the initial stage of entrepreneurship, Dangdang have no office, no employees, Yu Yu Li Guoqing in the book inside the company opened a windowless cabin, and then in the Sina home page a week of ads, to find a few people began to run.

in Dangdang announced the opening of one or two years, China online bookstore business experienced a round of bursting, up to more than and 300, in the face of unpredictable future, Li Guoqing and Yu Yu did not give up. In 2000 the couple’s meticulous care, starting from more than and 300, Dangdang online bookstore bursting with talent shows itself in. In April 2000, after the establishment of Dangdang recommendation

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