How to deal with customer complaints

even the same service, the customer satisfaction, other customers will not be satisfied, so, open the door to do business, it will inevitably encounter customer complaints, customer complaints in our retail shop filled with righteous indignation, how to receive, how to deal with? Some retail businesses to do things carelessly attitude, let the customer complaints to the more irritated and atmosphere; some retail businesses take the tip to head the attitude, and customer quarrel or strike violently, not only damaged the It doesn’t help the situation., store reputation……

can be seen in the daily operation, the correct handling of customer complaints is how important, if handled properly will inevitably affect the relationship between businesses and customers, and even lead to serious loss of customers. So, exactly how to deal with customer complaints? Below I will be my customers have been complaints as an example, let’s talk about when we encounter customer complaints, how to deal with our retail business, how to deal with.

that day, I was busy in the supermarket, a customer walked into the shop, put a can of milk powder on the counter, a long face, said: "you look at it? You have to sell the milk powder in the store there is a foreign body, you see how to deal with it?" I took a look at the pot of milk, there was a piece of cloth like foreign milk powder. This is a very well-known milk prices milk powder production, sales have been very good, I did not expect there will be quality problems.

, in fact, a similar scene I saw in other retail stores, general retail businesses will encounter this kind of situation, the blame or kick the ball: "milk is not our supermarket production, is the production of milk prices, milk quality problems should be looking for manufacturers!" If such treatment, is bound to intensify contradictions and business customers, although on the surface of retail stores that seems reasonable, retail stores are only responsible for the sale of goods, but not responsible for the production of goods, quality problems should be the responsibility of manufacturers, who should bear the responsibility of who, so customers should go to the manufacturers claim.

but I know, this is the retail business in one concept, really distance themselves from their responsibilities. In fact, the retail stores are part of the responsibility, because of substandard goods from retail sales to the customer, the customer is purchased directly from the retail store, rather than buy directly from the manufacturer, the retail store does not have a responsibility?

is aware of his responsibility, so I know how to deal with it. I told the customer: "one, milk quality problems, this is the I admit, as sure as a gun, I will be in accordance with the relevant provisions of the consumer protection law for you to make a claim, and that the journey to apologize to you and your children. Two, the children eat the milk powder, may cause some harm to the body. Now, I will take you and the child to the hospital to do a comprehensive physical examination, to ensure healthy children. Three, in order to express the apology of my shop, I shop is willing to contribute to the child

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