What’s the secret of starting a business

there is a small secret about entrepreneurship, that is: entrepreneurship is a very painful thing, and entrepreneurs will not be quiet. The more great entrepreneurial ideas will bring more lingering pain, let entrepreneurs sleep at night. Entrepreneurs should understand the following points, in order to make the road easier.

A, more important than digital text".

If entrepreneurs are ready to spend a couple of weeks to write a business plan, so I think this is really not necessary. Business plan should be a more detailed data form, rather than a stack of words by the text. It’s much more important to figure out the relevant business data than to say how you will use social media, and all of that will change over time. Therefore, we should focus on the data.

two, "one step".

Don’t take shortcuts >

three, "sales is not the most important".

four, employees can not only work, but also can create value".

Capacity requirements

five, "the most troublesome customer is your best teacher".

than praise, customer complaints can always let entrepreneurs learn more things. Because you’re just starting out, many of your friends, family and colleagues don’t want to talk to you about the seemingly cold truth, but your clients can.

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