October 28th Xiamen Art Week

with the improvement of living standards, people’s material life has been greatly satisfied later, instead of the spiritual life of the new requirements. In October 28th, it is next Friday, "twenty-first Century Xiamen Maritime Silk Road Art Week" in Jimei Metro Jiageng Art Center curtain. "The door opening ceremony is scheduled for Jimei metro public square the Jiageng theatre, art week exquisite works set in the opening ceremony will also meet with readers."

Art Week Organizing Committee official revealed. It is reported that this "new Hester" art feast from the Literary Federation, the municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, City Federation, Jimei District publicity department, Xiamen Newspaper Media Group Co sponsored the exhibition from 15 Marine Silk Road along the countries and regions of the more than and 200 painting boutique.

this week, based on the art of cross-strait radiation Hester along the countries and regions, including the "Hester Art Exhibition", "cross-strait calligraphy exhibition" and "cross-strait painting exhibition" three theme exhibition. It is worth mentioning that the event was introduced to obtain a positive response, the Organizing Committee received a total of more than and 500 exhibitors from around the world, through layers of screening, to determine the participation of the works of 216. "In the last minute before the deadline, the organizing committee has received two national exhibition of works, so we state the final confirmation 15." Organizing committee staff.

according to the introduction, the exhibition works are from "The Belt and Road along the country’s well-known artists, including Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Jordan, Korea, Nepal, India, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, etc.. Domestic artists from more than and 20 provinces, and Chinese Chinese Art Research Institute of the National Academy of painting, the painting, the Central Academy of fine arts, China Academy of fine arts and other arts colleges.

the art week from October 28th on, will continue until November 4th, will bring not only missed cultural and artistic feast for the people and friends, to show more humane development achievements, Xiamen cohesion Qiaoxin overseas forces, and actively promote exchanges and cooperation between Xiamen and Hester along the countries and regions.

do you love the Silk family in life? The maritime Silk Road Xiamen art week, there will be a lot of silk products debut, you are interested in participating in a timely manner. For this event, one of the organizers, Xiamen City Federation party secretary Lin is described: in twenty-first Century the construction of the maritime Silk Road, Xiamen has a unique advantage and position, also should take the responsibility, especially in the cultural interaction, it is duty bound.

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