Animation industry franchise operators need to change the concept

now society, animation is a kind of cultural industry a lot of people like, especially some of the country’s youth, but our domestic animation industry started relatively late, and now the animation industry, it is necessary to change some ideas to market.

Second, changing the operating mode of

hand from single sales to the same official jointly develop, build a more extensive animation culture exchange and trade platform. Animation franchise chain can be developed around the animation products, animation DIY production, animation COSPLAY photography and animation clothing rental four stores in one business model. On the other hand, to broaden the scope of the radiation surrounding animation products, the reversal of animation is just a little thing to know, to attract more people to join the fashion.

Third, changing the operating mode of

actually stores this industry in today’s environment, want more successful run, a good mode of operation is a very important thing, only constantly change the idea, to success.


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