Grassroots entrepreneurial heavyweight upgrade

the emergence of an entrepreneurial star, will be able to solve the employment problem of many people, but also for the province’s economic development to make a significant contribution. The following shared the entrepreneurial story, "grassroots" entrepreneurial "heavyweight" upgrade, the town of Weihai economic vitality.

is also 30 year old Yao Ting, rely on technological entrepreneurship, become a leader in the field of robotics in Weihai. After studying abroad, he gave up in Switzerland, the annual salary of one million yuan, and Weihai new Beiyang digital Polytron Technologies Inc joint venture in Weihai new North Ocean is chess robot company, not only realize their entrepreneurial dreams, but also provides a new economic growth point for the old enterprise.

"our team has technical advantages accumulated over the years in the field of robot, the new Northern has in the hardware development, production, marketing and other aspects of resources and experience. The two sides complement each other, let us fight with the top robotic company in the world is full of confidence." Yao Ting said.

to seek a breakthrough, Yinxing group and the world’s largest producer of medicinal materials in France Rossello group joint venture in Weihai the Milky Way Biotechnology Co. Ltd., engaged in pharmaceutical excipients, capsule, collagen and other R & D, production and sales of extension products. After this year put into operation, is expected to achieve sales revenue of 850 million yuan, profit and tax of more than $200 million. Coincidentally, the person in charge of the project Ran Xiaoyong, is also a 80.

examples in the local town to be too numerous to enumerate. Weihai Puyi marine environmental protection science and technology limited company in air purification, gas desulfurization, ship heavy oil with water saving recommended

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