Changsha thief posing as a network of stolen property to clean up the table next to the phone

Changsha a thief posing as network theft, the thief came to the cafe to the staff to clean up the desktop, mobile phone stolen pilfering the desk next to the guests. The man he was finally arrested after a number of.

now many people think the Internet will have trouble, love their belongings on the computer desk, and then play computer. As everyone knows, the property on these tables is easy to become the target of thieves. Some thieves also more absolutely, pretending to be a network management, inadvertently took things away.

2015 in mid November one day in the morning, Ms. Yang and friends came to Wuyi Avenue, an Internet cafe, sit down after the boot, she will be the white apple phone in the upper left corner, they began to play the game. A few hours later, she was ready to go back, but found on the side of the mobile phone take wings to itself. So quickly alarm.

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