Why join the porridge shop to choose his shop

has a specialized shop is Shanghai porridge shop chain service company, from its inception to the present’s chain brand shop has more than 100, the cereal brand appeal is strong, won the trust of franchisees. Selection of venture capital item selected his shop.

Why should choose to join

congee shop shop has


has shop to start a large-scale national investment in the market and the reputation of promotion. To join and constructions of agent two modes.


] to store

store shop congee shop to join to set out with the intention of investors to join headquarters for Lakshmi shop to open. At the same time, investors can also inspect on his shop headquarters, so you can quickly have a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of his shop. Clear guidelines and plans to join his shop, in order to be identified after the intention of cooperation and exchange books


agent in fact than to join the general to a little more complex. The agent is not only a matter to join stores operating throughout the region but a radical operation should be responsible for it. However, although the responsibility is relatively large, but also through such a novice to get their own regional franchise fee. Whether it is for their porridge bar is strong.

but anyway, the premise is that you have to have the relevant food and beverage experience, and you want to join the porridge bar, health porridge to join the hearts of the heart. Also do a good job in the business process of hardship and courage! His shop headquarters will behind to provide one-stop support for your


quickly added to the franchisee in the shop porridge has come on! Give yourself a chance of success in the future!

join advantage

[advantage one: product rich]

shop is as Lakshmi congee join up inside products brand. A breakfast porridge series, Chaozhou congee casserole series, porridge series, health porridge series. Rich product line not only allows consumers to have multiple choices, but also to expand the cooperation of the franchisee’s consumer groups. Suitable for all kinds of people eat at ease. Consumers do not know where to join the porridge shop good?

[advantage two: taste technology]

has a variety of porridge shop to attract customers is relatively unique taste, delicious to retain customers as our franchisees. > Thimi

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