Alibaba next year or 200 billion worth of bankers to meet Ma Yun

Hatten Roche M, chief investment officer of

hedge fund Myriad Asset Management Co, said that by the end of 2014, Alibaba group in the initial public offering (IPO) after the market value of $200 billion. Hatengluocheer (Carl Huttenlocher) said that the Alibaba holds 35% shares of Softbank group, so the market capitalization will increase by 75%. Hatten Roche M’s Myriad Asset Management Co (Myriad AssetManagement Ltd.) operating assets of $2 billion 300 million.

Some analysts believe that

, Alibaba may be in this year or next year IPO, when the valuation will reach $100 billion, and Facebook in May 2012 when IPO $104 billion. According to data compiled by Bloomberg, Facebook market capitalization of $55 billion 500 million.

Ma yesterday at the Karen Leung Memorial investor conference, said: in a fast-growing cake to take a place easier. China’s e-commerce market is a huge and very rapid development of the market, we feel it is gaining a place in the physical retail market. Alibaba is a leading company in this line, with pricing power."

Hatten Roche M pointed out that China’s retail industry grew by 14% a year, the United States grew by only $3%. Currently about 42% of Chinese people use the Internet, the United States up to 80%. In China, before the 20 traditional offline retail market share of about 10%, the United States accounted for 40-50%.

Hatengluocheer explained that the Alibaba at the end of next year, valuation of 1500-2000 billion dollars, which is assumed to China retail sales in 2015 14% will take place on the line. Because Alibaba has pricing power, it will get a greater market share, especially Tmall business is so.

top bankers take turns to visit Ma

over the past few weeks, Wall Street CEO who constantly visit ma. Last week, JP Morgan CEO and chairman Jamie Dimon visited China, and Ma met briefly. Last month, Citibank CEO Michael – (Michael Corbat) visited Asia, also met with ma.

bank sources, from New York, other bank headquarters of the top bankers, recently visited Ma and Alibaba management in order to prepare for the much anticipated IPO.

if the bank was chosen as an underwriter, the cost will reach tens of millions of dollars, such a big deal, the bank is also a reputation for victory.

Alibaba has not yet selected underwriters. On Tuesday, it was reported that Credit Suisse will become the main underwriter of Ali IPO. Alibaba spokesman elich (John Spelich) responded by saying: "about the company"

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