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some people have money, some people have leisure time, some people spend money to buy time, of course, some people spend money time. Then spawned a series of selling time of labor, today about the "part-time network", the network is one of the most popular gold. On, enter the "network part-time", there will be hundreds of sellers for you to choose from, the vast majority of sellers in baby pictures are put in their own portrait, but it’s important to note that the network part-time, absolutely not sell themselves, but their leisure time.

At the beginning of

type: through the network connection service "part-time"

has a period of time in the online selling life, the remaining time is very popular, users in minutes, hours, etc. as a unit to sell their own time, to serve others, collect compensation. There are friends to open the rest of life shop two months on earnings of $3000. This is similar to the hourly net sales time was netizen called "network part-time". This "part-time" is usually the owner on the network to pay, and then let the network part-time for yourself, such as flowers, buy train tickets, pick up, deliver meals, temporary child care etc.. In fact, this and the traditional sense of time and not much difference, but it is through the online payment service fee and proposed services required on the internet.

however, with the development of the situation, especially the influx of a large number of young people, this definition has undergone great changes.

definition: all work done online

part-time, for us is not a new word, you may immediately sprang to mind about the part-time image out. But when it comes to network part-time, you know this is a what kind of person? "Recently, there has been some selling their own time or through a network of part-time network, the part-time network based on new slowly accepted by netizens." This is Baidu to know the definition given.

network part-time to open their own shop, the scope of work made a detailed definition, it also can be used as supplement of the "network part-time" definition. "Dedicated to provide you with high-quality network part-time service, work must be done through the network, but also to legitimate. For example, text input, commodity upload, chat, etc.. Business Hours please make an appointment in advance, the working time is less than one hour, an hour monthly billing, welcome." In February 7th, a signed "gzpfw" users to create their own online shop to 6 yuan per hour to provide online hourly service. From this description can be seen, the gzpfw network for part-time work is only defined in the range through the network can be completed. This is as simple as the net selling time

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