51yes traffic statistics were hacked

51yes traffic statistics 2008.04.08 was hacked, first home burst wrong. Then the entire home was made a full page black.

insiders as we all know, 51YES is a very powerful site. It stood on the full flow of advertising to sell, and each location is not low price oh. Thousands of good.

its statistical system is still relatively easy to use. The last time I installed this www.cs1998.cn, but also installed the cnzz statistics, but also installed 51, a comparison of the. This system can still. But what’s his 2.5 smart version… This estimate is in trouble.

there is also an important reason is that it is hanging on the station to sell the flow of advertising, you say, what are these people are basically hackers. Hackers and rookie hackers are more powerful. Who will take thousands of advertising.

that so many hackers are staring at this advertisement, this money, it is certainly the website itself is black object. Especially for the strength of the hacker, he wants to play is to fight the site.

hey, the site is difficult to do ah.

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