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day before, "e rent treasure" website and related companies to accept the relevant departments for investigation, suspension of business, this news exposure so that everyone on the choice of P2P platform a bit more cautious. In this paper, the author of the 2015 inventory of 12 P2P platform does not fly, look at these pits you stepped on it?

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P2P platform was established a few years has not fire, but one day suddenly fire, not because it is doing good, thanks to "wonderful" move much raise a Babel of criticism of run away. A platform in Anhui has said domineering want your money back, and must continue to vote a month. Knowing that there are problems to vote money, or do not want to get back the principal.

this is not the best platform, forcing investors to invest the amount of flesh, different investors in accordance with the 70 percent off, 80 percent off, 90 percent off grade debt transfer, even if the threat of alarm, you don’t get a penny, which outweighs your consideration! "Is really" big woods, what are birds "ah! The investors in the choice of platform can be sure to keep their eyes open! Let’s open with those wonderful platform to run away.

inventory P2P wonderful foot platform these pits you stepped on it?

Shanghai Gong Xin asset announcement: run away this money will not be returned, not bad you how much money

in March 2015, the registered capital of one hundred million, in Shanghai equity trading center hosting the listing of Shanghai Gong letter Asset Management Co boss Liu Liping, escaped about 8000000 yuan run away. Of course, the most arrogant is 90 with capital company boss Zhu Zhenlin, released in June 15, 2015 announcement: "run away this money can not be returned to you, how much money you say is not bad, I want to stage a comeback, need the money, you can not also, I now go back to the old home, do not come to me, I also find not to you, is hereby announced"


net loan industry one after another the run away incident, so net loan practitioners also could not help but laugh, "one day to go to work, the boss run away." Investors are also very confident of people, as long as you run faster than the platform boss on the line; if expressed very Speechless, how do you know what time the platform boss run away? When a normal operation of the platform, began to frequent the day mark, the second standard, high standard, investors now need special note that this is a precursor to the platform to run away.

great wealth: online time is very short

pure fraud platform run away.

because of the low threshold, a number of P2P platform directly ran out, company information, office space, investment targets and so on are all fake.

net loan platform file shows that wealth Wanjun line on time in May 2015, after the on-line activities, and most of the standard annual yield of up to about 22%. Also publicity, a single investment 10 thousand yuan reward cash of $188, a single investment of $50 thousand in cash prize of $1088.

in fact, the National Enterprise Credit Information Publicity Department

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