The introduction of the main website of the network supervision area can be directly through the Cen


Tencent network monitoring network opened Beijing

April 19th today,,, Chinese network television, Chinese network, China economic network,, Guangming, China broadcasting network, and,, and and other major domestic websites are opened in the home area network supervision, discipline inspection and supervision, link the prosecutor and the court, land and other law enforcement departments and cadres supervision report website "12380" website.

network monitoring area above the unified label welcome to monitor, truthfully report, the words, and set up a notice page, the Internet users in reading, after receiving the notice, you can enter the official website.

relevant responsible person said, the main organization website opening of the domestic network monitoring area, reflects the CPC Central Committee and the State Council attach great importance to the construction of anti-corruption of the party and the country, showed strong determination to further promote the construction of anti-corruption, is an important measure to implement the party’s eighteen to strengthen the clean government’s decision to deploy.

the responsible person said, open network monitoring area in the main site, is conducive to the smooth flow of network public opinion expression channel, standardize the report of the anti-corruption process, guide and encourage the masses through formal channels, to eliminate false information and rumors of rumors, and create a good atmosphere for rational anti-corruption, anti-corruption law.

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