Taobao store fake upgrade real name authentication turned real people certification will be a big mo

A5 ( station network April 2nd news, March 31st announced the launch of "real people" certification program, Taobao stores will be the "real name authentication" officially upgraded to "real people certification", after the upgrade, the seller review certification, the seller’s identity information and the operator will be bound to eliminate all the information, apply the shop behavior. The store will also simplify the certification step and precise.


, Taobao, Tmall, Juhuasuan president for epilepsy in two weeks before the mail announced to employees "to make fake and bad traders have nowhere else to go bankrupt, the first to start a" real person "certification program will be to achieve this goal the best opening ceremony.

In addition, Taobao official also said that it will be for the fake and bad businesses have launched a new

heavy boxing out".

compared to the "real name authentication", "real person authentication" what are the advantages?

forged identity information shop, misappropriation of other people’s store account illegal business, cheat or buy other people’s store information continues to operate…… Is the product of the "real name authentication" vulnerability, in the "real person certification" will no longer exist.

1, after the upgrade, the authenticity of the identity of the seller’s information is more solid, the combination of technology and certification process, to maximize the potential to avoid fraud loopholes;

2, review procedures, the accuracy is greatly improved, the steps are simplified;

3, the upgrade of the wireless authentication process, at any time convenient to the seller on the line certification, the entire review materials submitted for 5 minutes to complete, less time consuming;

4, Taobao will be regularly or irregularly review the identity of the seller, the identity of authenticity is more secure.

how to upgrade to "real person authentication"?

1, into the dynamic gesture authentication, the use of random gestures to shoot a photo upload system, enter the review process.

2, the data into the review system portrait automatic alignment link, through the system and artificial portrait and identity information for the authenticity of the double audit, to be sure, you can pass.


and SAIC Taobao storm, counterfeiting has been upgraded, Taobao official said the "heavy boxing" in preparation, false storm movements will be adjourned to the peak.

details of the version: Taobao launched the real person authentication so that bad businesses can not open shop

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