Google to withdraw from China Hongkong domain name google com hk can not open

renamed Chinese ( June 3rd – the day before, some users reflect that Google does not open, whether it is Google, Google official domain name Hongkong, Taiwan, Google or Google, Google Japan Korea can access, then what is the reason for Google to open the



Google can not open

early, Google offers and services in China, 2010 from Google Chinese, transferred to the Hongkong server, the domain name is closed, when the mainland users enter the domain name, jump directly to January 2014, domestic users can access the domain name, but click on the search, is still the result of

But now Google Hongkong

domain name cannot access the, Ping and two domain name server, finally Ping out of the IP address is displayed as "America", which means that Google Hongkong ( server has been transferred from Hongkong to the United States, this is the root cause of the site can not be accessed the






Ping Google domain name, Google search server moved to the United States

According to the Google

to open a business, there are users that this is Google to completely withdraw from the Chinese rhythm, there is also the view that, because not only is Google Hongkong cannot be opened, even Google, Google and Google Japan South Korea Taiwan and other platforms are not accessible, speculation is Google RE Development strategy, Google once again return China is possible.

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