Domain name transaction exposure the art dragon net offered to buy yilong com

According to the domain name

forum user rebellion, eLong ( has been low-key acquired Larry domain, the domain name is enabled to jump to the page, the domain specific transaction amount not disclosed.


diagram: Web page

earlier elong Larry domain Cai Wensheng in the hands of angel investors, in June 14th last year the industry exposure domain name information change Showtime travel company name, domain name and jump to Showtime travel. Hotel reservation page, at that time, the industry for the domain name by rival Showtime travel took a lot of attention.



map: domain name information

today, eLong bought domain name, overturned the earlier anecdotal speculation, at the same time, can also be estimated elong to buy domain name should be expensive. This time, eLong take double spell domain name, is a tiger with wings added for the web site.

elong well-known, the industrial distribution, for the domain name application is also very seriously, as early as the end of 2009 had successfully acquired and two train sites, through the acquisition of the site to get Larry domain, in addition, earlier also acquired a wealth of sina tour project and domain name

eLong over the years before he bought the domain name, this is not domestic travel website is "name" with Larry domain case last year, Ctrip Travel website is low-key already bought double spell domain name, which shows that the domain name for more attention to the tourism website.

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