WeChat 5 5 A strengthen game elements strengthen the video communication

IT Pirates: last time WeChat 5.4 first broke the news, many professional media, 140 WeChat public number reprint whose left IT Pirates of the original author name, very sad. However, it does not matter, I believe there are still a lot of people support IT pirates, this is still a detailed analysis of the new features of WeChat 5.5.


detailed description of the new features:

first, the introduction of micro video:

1, when chatting to shoot a micro video, so that your friends know the world in front of you (IT pirate comment: This is the difference between the direct and video chat in order to be able to asynchronous and sharing grinding)


2, micro video sharing to a circle of friends, to reach the effect of the picture, let the picture move! (Pirates of the IT review: more cost flow, more good than the self timer, please go to the circle of friends group



3, drop the main interface of micro video has a dynamic surprise effect – eyes directly into the short video page (IT pirates comments: mood type small surprise)


two, a new revision of the game center: to strengthen the personality elements and social elements

1, my game, my bag, the latest in the play, friends playing, popular……


below we according to the latest version of WeChat’s new features simple analysis:

1, continue to strengthen instant messaging

micro channel from text to images to voice to video, WeChat every step of the core change is around even the most basic communication function, at the same time, WeChat also even communication and social networking has been leading the.

some people may hold different views here, for example, some people will say WhatsApp? But IT pirates thought WhatsApp and WeChat are two completely different products, WhatsApp is a rich text short message transmitter, WeChat is a focus on instant messaging platform launched social extension (though WeChat links all the great plan is still in progress.


2, to strengthen the operation of the game, the realization of a better flow

WeChat 5.5 version of the second features is to strengthen the game attributes. A few days ago with Tencent, a senior product manager, the other said, perhaps WeChat can only do the game…… IT pirate was shocked in the head immediately! Me bragging to Twitter Life over public comment on the result was the public comment on the merger, the Tencent intends to pay through the pension money the old employees are out Daoteng what micro payment originally, mobile search the mobile Internet.

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