Grassroots entrepreneurs to make money overseas secret the focus of the seven issues to pay attent

      the rise of network community, let China grassroots entrepreneurs have the opportunity to pursue their dreams. AC Nielsen survey shows that in 2006 there were only 724 thousand people in the United States to set up shop in eBay as their main source of income. In addition to these professional sellers, there are 1 million 500 thousand people by selling goods on the eBay to increase revenue. In China, occupation of online sellers are increasing year by year, at a rate of two digits which are part of the network special trade with foreigners, which makes Chinese sellers do not have a harvest and experience. Today we have a look at how to make money for foreigners, and what are the special problems worth paying attention to entrepreneurs?

?? the economies of different countries, cultures and markets vary greatly, China E-seller gold overseas is necessary before the enemy.


?? seven issues to pay attention to

? Beware of being accused of infringement and frozen account

, on the eBay platform, once the user is due to infringement complaints, you may face the risk of being frozen account. The common tort margin in description is not real, theft of product images and description template etc.. Suggest that you do not sell on the eBay may cause infringement complaints items.

? A common problem is easily overlooked by sellers. When the description of the goods in the overseas sales of the individual shop, such as your sales is artificial pearls, so, in the article title or description in ore or "Pearl", shall be marked "imitation" or "fake". The seller must also indicate the contents of the product in the product description, and must be as clear as the other words. In addition, the seller only for these items in the establishment of categories (such as "Pearl") or "other" category in the login items, but can not log in, or other types of Pearl opal ruby.

recently set up for the foreign trade seller of the free eBay foreign trade university, there is a special course on how to write a description of the goods, so the theft of pictures and product description templates can also be avoided. Learn accurate, real product description, can effectively avoid user complaints.

? What goods will be regarded as "fake" by overseas buyers?

?? in addition to copyright infringement, trademark rights or other items deemed fake, pictures and text descriptions and real seriously inconsistent items will be judged as a "fake" overseas users, is prohibited in the eBay.

? The following 5 situations, you need to pay attention to. First, violations of intellectual property rights violations. Articles may infringe copyright, trademark protection or other rights, regardless of its legality, are prohibited in the eBay login, even if the item is genuine.

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