Crazy bitcoin hacker Utopia and reality Paradise Lost

free and open, to the center of the bitcoin has become a symbol of the spirit of the Internet, but greed is also the destruction of its future speculation. The value of bitcoin is not guaranteed, but in the game participants’ confidence, become the object of frenzied speculation (especially China area), the mysterious creator from the rules of the game in the huge profit, but also become the best choice of drugs, money laundering and other illegal transactions assassination.


technology Zheng Jun from the bottom of the U.S. Silicon Valley

since the inception of the Internet, network world hackers will always dream beyond national differences, the traditional geographical restrictions, the social system, create a free and open information and virtual world Datong utopia".

e-mail across the traditional geographical boundaries, Google search to achieve the free flow of information, Facebook let the world become a social village, mobile Internet to communicate everywhere. The innovation of the Internet technology has changed the traditional way of interaction between people and people, people and society, but also to the social and economic development has brought tremendous impetus.

but compared to other areas, the progress of the financial sector to create "Tower of Babel" is particularly lag. Money is still issued by the central bank, financial services are still subject to strict regulation, cross-border trade and capital flows also need to comply with complex changes in exchange rates and foreign exchange settlement. In essence, the financial order of the world is still in the hands of old men in suits and jews.

in computer hackers are expected to change the world a virtual currency based on Internet technology, can transcend the reality of life in the world financial system, does not comply with any country or institutions, can in the global scope free circulation. The currency of the new era is virtual, only exists in the computer network, but can be traded and exchanged in reality.

financial Utopia

this is the origin of bitcoin. Essentially, bitcoin is the only way for hackers to create a virtual "ideal" financial system. No bitcoin, there will be other virtual currency. In fact, hackers are not only the creation of virtual currency bitcoin, as well as LiteCoin, FreiCoin, Ripple and many other types. They are either based on bitcoin protocols, or are self-contained. The virtual currency issued by Tencent, Amazon and other Internet giants also have some influence.

is not the first bitcoin virtual currency, but it is currently the most influential, the most widely accepted currency; in the popularization process of bitcoin, which has simple ideal hackers to create financial Utopia, a large number of speculators in the frenzied speculation driven by greed, but also because of its hidden nature and used by criminals the best tool for network illegal transactions.

bitcoin originated in 2009, is a P2P (Person to Person, personal to personal) online financial network; in a sense, bitcoin >

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