How to use the innovative mechanism of NetEase incubator project Now NetEase cloud also rely on it t

cloud computing into the 2016, NetEase cloud has finally entered the bureau. From the beginning of 2015, NetEase cloud letter, NetEase seven fish, NetEase honeycomb and other cloud services have been on-line. September 2016, NetEase cloud held a strategic conference, NetEase officially joined the war cloud computing.

and the introduction of NetEase cloud services products, it is a NetEase innovative product research and incubation base, said the Hangzhou Institute of NetEase. It is not only to provide technical support for NetEase’s Internet business, but also hatched a cloud music NetEase, NetEase, such as the purchase of a series of Koala Sea red products. It is the innovation mechanism of how and why choose cloud computing was the NetEase in 2016 to join the cloud? 2016 is Hangzhou Research Institute was established in tenth years, the NetEase of Hangzhou Research Institute executive director Wang Yuan told the Hangzhou institute ten years of development and innovation mechanism to I horse, and NetEase future cloud breaking operation.


NetEase Hangzhou academy executive Dean Wang source / respondents for map

NetEase innovative projects, what mechanism was born?

in the Internet arena, the product innovation of NetEase in recent years has been much talked about: cross-border electricity NetEase koala sea purchase, the online music market NetEase, NetEase catch up from behind the cloud music cloud classroom…… These "Red Net", "private NetEase are based product development innovation incubator" of the Hangzhou Research Institute of NetEase.

is a NetEase with what the unique innovation mechanism, let Hangzhou Research Institute to become innovative camp? "In the duties and positioning of the NetEase of Hangzhou Research Institute, we are the largest domestic Internet Co is a unique. Its name is the Academy, but contains the functions of innovative business incubators, as well as the entire network of NetEase applications to provide public technology platform, public knowledge system and technical system functions. In addition, it also includes all of the Internet applications for NetEase to provide operational support services functions." Wang Yuan told I dark horse.

in many other companies, these three functions are often assigned to different departments to undertake. In NetEase, Hangzhou Research Institute swept from end to end business platform to the back-end server role.

According to Wang

source, from the beginning of 2006 ten years, Hangzhou Research Institute of building a seven technology system for Internet technology system server, now in cloud computing; secondly is the front-end technology system, including front-end Web, PC and mobile terminal; third, information security technology system; fourth, operation and maintenance security; quality assurance system; fifth, sixth, seventh, big data system; artificial intelligence system.

Hangzhou Research Institute in the beginning when the innovation mechanism, it also laid the foundation for the day after it become the innovation business incubator cradle of NetEase. The core point of this mechanism is that anyone can put forward innovative projects." Wang Yuan said. After the project is put forward, the Hangzhou Institute of research will form a virtual

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