The translation website Yeeyan today to replace the domain name back online

news January 8th, well-known translation website Yeeyan today to replace the domain name and re launched, the original domain name will jump to the new domain name. It is reported that, in addition to the replacement of the new version of the page, Yeeyan has also increased the similar group blog "project group" function.

is known as "the most Chinese Internet updates on the largest" translation website. However, in December, the sudden closure of Yeeyan without warning. Three days after the official come explained that the website operators alleged violations, "Yeeyan need to temporarily shut down the server, and adjust the related content".

then, Yeeyan into a temporary home page on the blog form, and to communicate with the user.

however far off station Yeeyan this month only trouble. Yeeyan December 8th issued a statement, the rumor of "original purpose is build another site" denied. The statement pointed out that "the new" tort from the content of community Yeeyan published, and no citation, ready to sue the responsible person yeeyan.

2006, Zhao Jiamin, Zhang Lei, Zhao Kai three in the United States Silicon Valley engineers, officially founded yeeyan. In 2007 April in Beijing registered company Chinese yeeyan. At present, Zhao Jiamin has left the company.

site in the future will be returned tomorrow just as little as possible to political content

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