Forty no doubt Microsoft really want to open source Miss the tide from free mobile learning


went to the old age of forty, Microsoft released a variety of ways, including open source has become the most whirling. Microsoft executives said that the future may also open source, then Microsoft will really be so big recruit it really can be proud of the Microsoft Windows open source it? I observed that perhaps everything is possible.

Windows 10 open source is a good


Windows cannot open source? In the suppression of Google and apple, Microsoft should seek more bold innovation to cope with the new market development, especially need more thinking transformation of the development of the mobile Internet market. The original Google Android open source help gains more market opportunities and market share, Apple’s closed iOS to help them get a big return, it is a stimulus for Microsoft.

but the concern is that Apple’s success can not be copied, Microsoft continue to close and no more advantage to open up new markets, but constantly opened the gap with Google and apple, if Microsoft can really put Windows open, then perhaps can really form a Jedi, unexpected effect. After all, Windows has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, for more developers to start using more simple and convenient. Of course, everything depends on Microsoft’s determination and control of the pattern of the future look far ahead from a high plane.

we are concerned, since Nadella took office, more emphasis on cloud computing, big data and enterprise market, even also highlights certain ambitions in the gaming market, of course, for the development of the mobile market strategy is very clear. Perhaps now the development of Windows and Microsoft’s cornerstone effect is no longer so secure, if the timely open source, the development of Microsoft is not a good thing?

, of course, is also very difficult to resolve this, which is a new test for Microsoft. Perhaps, even if Microsoft does not publish all of the Windows source code, is only part of the open, there is an unexpected effect on its development. This is to be treated with caution.

Windows 10 open source pressure

is reported that Microsoft executives said they would be able to achieve an open source Windows environment in the future. "We are talking about our future direction – open source or closed, or provide services," this is a bold idea, but for the current Microsoft, open source pressure too much. After all, if Microsoft releases a lot of code to the public, the likely consequence is that developers will develop incompatible Windows branches with their own intellectual property rights.

moreover, let Windows open source equal to let Microsoft give up every quarter to rely on the sale of Windows operating system, Windows Phone and Office>

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