Vertical web site to open up new ideas C2C network transactions

C2C transactions are more and more attractive in the field of electronic commerce, the vast amount of information makes people’s business work and life become more convenient.

Alibaba C2C field also crazy

Alibaba listed on the same day the market value of more than $20 billion, in one fell swoop to become China’s largest Internet Co, the world’s highest ranking.


of this landmark event for the global e-commerce market at Chinese. Internet lab chairman, Internet observers Fang Xingdong predicted that Chinese e-commerce market has just started, either B2B or C2C, there is still much room for growth, "can play".

In addition

has gradually become mature and start charging the B2B field, has not yet begun large-scale charging C2C areas deemed to be still in the market cultivation period, the future is limitless. There is no doubt that China’s huge number of Internet users, the second only to the United States, Internet users penetration of nearly 15%, the growth of space is very large, more than the United States is only a matter of time. With the develop China growth in the number of Internet users and Internet users shopping habits, C2C market potential is limitless will burst out.

currently on the market Alibaba group’s Taobao occupy a relatively monopolistic market share, the U.S. e-commerce giant eBay and TOM online joint venture eBay, Tencent’s pat Network followed. But this kind of universal C2C platform development have encountered a problem: increasing the amount of information, how to make it easier for users to quickly find what they want to buy? For professional users to buy special needs how to meet their demand for the purchase of


people in the industry believe that the development of C2C will eventually and IT professional website, B2B development process is similar, and ultimately in different areas of the vertical class website, to provide users with more professional services.

The initiation of

vertical C2C trading site  

              network owners ( trading platform launched less than 1 years, has reached millions of monthly sales performance, professional for webmasters among site transactions, domain name transactions, trading procedures. At present, there are thousands of kinds of vertical websites in China, but there is not a lot of influence on the transaction, and the popular type of online trading has not been able to meet the vertical development of industry. Recently, many of the franchise C2C transactions mushroomed. The e-commerce business is actually a block, can not take into account the specific industries in the portal and large network company, survive in the cracks, but also the future of many new industry websites popular direction.

recently launched Douding network ( attention to document C2C transaction, users only need to upload documents, whether WORD, PPT, EXCEL, text document >

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