The Olympic Games tickets is tight the webmaster in busy what

The first phase of the Beijing Olympic Games ticket sales in June 30th deadline. Through the understanding of the association, the current preliminary statistics have received more than 700 thousand orders, the number of tickets for more than 4 million 900 thousand tickets. As of June 20th, the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee received a number of orders for 360 thousand copies, the number of tickets purchased more than 2 million 200 thousand. Just 10 days time, this figure increased significantly. At present, the official website of the Beijing Olympic Games registered more than 1 million of the site; the preliminary statistics of the order of the order, there are 90% from the official ticket website Beijing Olympic games. In order to meet the development of the Olympic Games, other tourism related sites are also actively respond to the introduction of the Olympic Games for the service of the classic tourist routes. For example: search mission travel network, ticketing world, have played a big window to establish the image of the industry.

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