Alibaba a man can not Sanlu conscience can not shield

the afternoon of October 29th, Alibaba announced that Baidu Alibaba capital chain was forced to stop Baidu huge advertising to make a response, said this statement is framed for Alibaba, and suggested that the source of this is a period of time for various attacks and falsely accused the Alibaba. Alibaba statement, said it was officially issued a notice to Baidu in October 10th, the termination of the advertising contract, the reason is that the company believes that Baidu is currently providing search quality is not high. According to Alibaba, said Baidu subsequently issued a statement to the national media, said Alibaba was forced to stop funding strand breaks Baidu huge advertising".

below is the full text of the Alibaba statement

1, the afternoon of October 29th, the Baidu Inc issued a statement to the media, "the Alibaba capital chain was forced to stop Baidu huge advertising", in this statement, we do not see a justice to advocate for the life of the enterprise search, the search engine of fraud, false, invalid clicks and " keywords " shielding protection; so impede impartial behavior, there is even a little bit of introspection and self-discipline. Enough to make people understand is that in the most recent period, the source of all kinds of attacks and framed for the Alibaba ltd..

2, a basic common sense is that any responsible enterprise, in the international financial crisis spread to the global real economy of small and medium-sized enterprises on the occasion, should open the narrow attack, all the energy spent to help SMEs customers better in winter. The electronic commerce company as a cash reserve and cash flow is very healthy, we have always believed that in the global economic woes of the moment, as a Chinese trade links bear the important mission of the company, we can only choose from the best for our customer perspective to our advertising investment the.

3, it must be emphasized that, in the Baidu stopped running at the same time, we have launched a total of more than $30 million of overseas promotion plan, we believe that our customers need is a real and effective supply and demand in the market, according to customer data analysis results show that Baidu’s traffic quality declined year by year. There is a considerable proportion of unknown abnormal flow void. At the same time, Baidu brings the click, with the needs of SMEs do not meet. This is the only starting point for us to stop advertising in Baidu.

4, we believe that the protection of small and medium-sized enterprises in Chinese healthy and effective market survival is our value, but in the current severe economic situation, protect the cost of small and medium enterprises will become the key to the future protection of small and medium enterprises. Therefore, we can only choose the most effective delivery method, instead of indulging our customers in the cost of invalid traffic and false hits between the lost. In the long run, if you can make certain search companies recognize the value of justice, its own is also a major interest.

5, as we all know, over a period of time

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