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China registered Mr. Lee in 1999 and registered the legitimate use of the domain name, after 7 years suffered from Spain with the trademark "CMZ" company of the arbitration complaints, the Spanish Company with the trademark "CMZ" registered Chinese from an easy job to do hand away from the domain. This case has aroused much controversy in the domain name industry, one of the problems is worthy of vigilance: first, because the domain name user COM domain management institutions in the United States, once the arbitration, English interpretation more easily recognized, is difficult to protect the rights and interests of Chinese registration; secondly, the language has become a major obstacle to Chinese registrants to protect their own rights and interests the. Although the Chinese proposed arbitration in Chinese, but was rejected, Chinese registration is often due to the sad language and put

"COM domain name really is unable to play!" This is the domain name after being taken away by the arbitrator, the grievances of the domestic register. Legal experts pointed out: the Chinese registered in the COM domain name on the right is passive, from 232 countries and regions in the world, everywhere, to end the trademark threat.

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according to lawyers, such as the case is not the case. According to the national court of arbitration and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) incomplete statistics data of the Arbitration: since 2000, nearly twenty thousand pieces of COM domain name cases, escaped the dispute involving only a dozen. It is worth noting that, in the COM domain name arbitration, once the complainant filed a certificate of the relevant trademarks, Chinese registered few can keep the domain name, regardless of whether the trademark is well-known in china. In addition to, as well as,, nymagazine>

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