Uncover the lid of the U S government put pressure on Amazon eBay

U.S. government asked Amazon and eBay share fake shelf application to the record, in order to grasp the related business information, and urged the trading platform to take measures to crackdown.

The United States

business online news was the football contest "super wrist" (Super Ball) on the occasion of the start, the relevant law enforcement officials on Thursday in a TV show to the public display of their last year from the online shops, flea market stall on the stadium and seized a lot of False Fake jerseys, baseball caps and other fake sports activities. In the United States, the problem of fake goods is becoming more and more serious, and more and more difficult to control.

, according to Peng Bo news agency reported that last year, the U.S. government seized a total of up to $1 billion 380 million worth of fakes. More than half of them by courier or international parcels into the United states. These fake mainly in the Amazon and eBay purchased, often become independent direct mail parcels sent to the United States every family. Each year American officials must in the 250 million package to find fakes. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security National Intellectual Property Rights Coordination Center spokesman Matthew Bourke said: "China consumers to buy goods from online, these goods by mail service, which makes it extremely difficult for law enforcement."

U.S. government officials asked Amazon and eBay become more transparent on the issue of fakes. The government is putting pressure on the two giants, requiring the two companies to share the record of the application of fake shelves, in order to grasp the business of the next line of address, IP address and payment methods and other aspects of information. The official said that at the same time, raise public awareness of the problem of fake online will help, these exposure contributes to the trading platform to take measures to urge the crackdown.

eBay said that the proportion of fake goods on its platform has been declining since 2014. Company spokesman Ryan Moore said: "we have been committed to the fight against fake, fake has been the industry leader in." Amazon said it was taking a zero tolerance attitude towards fakes. Amazon Co is not only involved in the closure of fake businesses, to take legal measures to the parties concerned, and there is a special software dedicated to find counterfeit goods. The company said in a statement: "we treat counterfeiting issues very seriously."

sporting goods counterfeit goods are always rampant in the world cup, super wrist and other major sports season. In addition to the season, the brand side need to bear the responsibility to find online fakes. For example, since last October, after the end of the season, the Major League Baseball (MLB) sent a total of 150 thousand fake shelves to the Amazon application. The United States sports supplies electricity supplier Fanatics specially hired a former Union attorney to help crackdown.

fake problem is not limited to the United states. The red dot (Red Points) is a Barcelona based technology company to help brand counterfeiting. The company in 2016 on behalf of a famous European football club to Amazon sent 8000 fake goods complaints. Company head Laura U>

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