Express the low quality of employees exposed the express industry criticized

recently, some friends broke the news of a courier kissing female customers, like no quality of the courier in a few. Frequent online shopping friends should have encountered such a courier, speak very bluntly, a lot of temper and even abusive customers. With the continuous development of the electricity supplier in China, Chinese has hundreds of millions of online shopping users, the rise of the electricity supplier to express industry. At present, in addition to the courier company Shen Tong, SF, Huitong and so on the strength, and the daily express, rhyme delivery courier company etc.. Express business is busy, or can not meet the needs of consumers during the holiday season, so the future needs more courier practitioners.

practitioners need to improve the quality of express delivery is not equal to

express is a simple understanding of delivery, but the courier has become a huge group, as a qualified practitioners. Courier also have to have a relatively professional quality, courier company is a service agency, courier is equivalent to the supermarket salesperson. On the domestic courier companies, Jingdong courier service attitude is relatively good, and some couriers do not even allow customers to sign. Direct leave packages will leave, even more exasperating is the service attitude is very bad, obviously is not the result of what professional training, some courier parcels stolen valuables. Let the customer suffered a great loss, but because the relevant provisions of the courier industry does not have the legal effect, consumer rights is difficult.

courier demand, lack of professional training

each year during the double eleven package will remain in the warehouse, the courier will be busy scorched by the flames and therefore the demand, the future of the courier will be relatively large. Courier is not so simple delivery, poor service attitude will leave a bad impression to the customer, and then a certain electricity supplier brand will have a negative effect. At present, Taobao, Tmall and other electronic business platform does not have its own courier company, build logistics links need to invest large sums of money. However, their own logistics companies are more likely to unified management and scheduling, those agents express business of small companies, often a lack of professional internal training.

express industry fierce competition, poor service will be eliminated

express services company in the electronic business platform, if Shen Tong, Huitong, Yuantong express industry giant did not prompt service quality consciousness, so in the fierce competition in the courier industry, one day will be eliminated. Consumer demand for the courier industry has three points: first, the speed of service, of course, the sooner the better, now generally takes about three days. The two is the courier industry service quality, which is mainly reflected in the courier body. Three is the relevant provisions of the courier industry is not perfect, and consumers after the dispute, it is too difficult to adults, of course, are often consumers suffer.

express and electricity providers are inseparable, as the last link of online shopping, but also the most prone to contradictions. For example: courier company violent sorting, resulting in a lot of items in the package damage, so courier companies pay. But the results can only pay a little loss, most of the time consumers have to identify bad luck. Article by the square network

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