Analysis on how to build and promote the new chain

we all know the chain for a site keywords ranking the importance of how fast and stable to the chain? Has become the topic of our discussion today, I will together with you to explore how to do the construction of the chain and on line of railway station.

first: clear the classification and role of the chain

I think the chain currently can be divided into Links and ordinary chain chain, which includes: ordinary soft outside the chain, the chain blog, share the chain and so on, which Links for our short plays a very important role in improving the key ranking, we can implement through the exchange, buy so, outside the chain of common early for our rankings effect is not obvious, but the effect is immeasurable, so the chain common we need every day to gradually improve.

second: the layout of the home page title keyword

for any of our website construction, have their own content, so how to put our website content out? For new sites, first we need to sort out the main push of the website keywords, and then select the 3-4 extension of moderate difficulty and flow of a slightly higher amount of keywords, as the page title for the next step, and lay a foundation of the chain keywords. For example: my station is a computer quiz website (URL:, through my selection, I selected 4 keywords optimization difficulty as the title page of keywords: Computer Forum Forum
computer computer basic knowledge of computer science and technology |.

Need to emphasize a point here is

, page description (description) writing skills, page description must appear in person that our home page title keywords, Baidu search is used to improve the ratio of correlation, which is for our ranking position in Baidu has played a decisive role.

third: pay attention to the extent of the chain released

Widely called

is that we release the number of the chain website, we can not have been released outside the chain chain at several sites, so it is easy to be the search engine that is cheating, this is also a lot of new Adsense is apt to make mistakes, "the chain the more the better" that we all know, but today I to add a few words in this sentence, "released the chain website more is better".

for new sites in the early release of the chain can find some weight is higher and stable site to hair, on the one hand to improve the site included, on the other hand is conducive to keywords in the short term ranking.

fourth: steady lured

stable is very important, especially in the absence of any weight of new sites, stable must be placed in the first place. Then the "stability" what does that mean? The first: do not in our psychological anxious, everything has its law of development, is certainly not spoil things by excessive enthusiasm.

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