Chinese guy in the United States open shop selling shoes sell eight hundred million a year

in the United States, a Chinese guy opened an online shoe shop called "fame, 2007, known to every family" sales of more than $800 million, accounting for the United States footwear market network $3 billion in 1/4, known as the "shoe of the amazon".

the Chinese guy named Xie Jiahua thirty years of age, he opened an online shoe shop is Zappos".

Harvard University genius boy

33 year old Xie Jiahua as one of the founders of Zappos, is currently the chief executive officer of the network marketing empire. His parents came to the United States from Taiwan in the early years to settle in Illinois, gave birth to Xie Jiahua.

Xie Jiahua is the eldest son of the family, from childhood showed excels, clever, quick thinking, which provides natural conditions for network marketing empire he created.

Xie Jiahua’s childhood is automatics. He grew up in San Francisco, admitted to Harvard University, majoring in computer science, 19 years old will get a graduation certificate, became a circle of students in the famous". While studying at Harvard, Xie Jiahua in the professional excellence, repeatedly won the computer contest champion, and in his spare time opened a pizza shop. In spite of his business, he accumulated his first business in life.

small programmers to create a large company

21 years old that year, Xie Jiahua gave up the hard won opportunity to read, to do a general programmer. This makes friends endless regret, and quite puzzled. Xie Jiahua used the unique vision and excellent record, to dispel all doubts of friends and relatives, he founded the little Internet advertising company LinkExchange, only two years will become the company with 200 employees.

1998, LinkExchange to $265 million worth of Microsoft commitment, Xie Jiahua dug into the pot of gold, to provide adequate funding to create a network marketing empire.

1999, a very accidental opportunity, Xie Jiahua met than their younger, more original vision entrepreneur Nick · ADAMS weem. After a long conversation, weem, put forward an idea: selling shoes online. Weem, according to the understanding of the situation, the online shopping market scale is $40 billion, only the order was $2 billion, a shoe store network, mail order business revenues of more than no problem.

Xie Jiahua Swaim was quick to feel filled with wisdom, the online shoe company ShoeSite $1 million. Since then, ShoeSite changed its name to Zappos. 6 months later, Xie Jiahua and teamed up to operate Zappos, and soon added $10 million investment. In 2000, Xie Jiahua became CEO of Zappos.

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